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Driftwood Furniture & Home Decor


Our driftwood furniture and home decor is a culmination of seven years of collecting the hardest and aesthetically pleasing wood. ​We let the natural beauty of the wood dictate our designs, while ensuring each piece is functional and constructed to last.


We understand and appreciate the fact that every home is a reflection of one's personal taste and style, which is why we never create two pieces that are alike.




Because each piece is unique and varies in size and materials, prices may vary. Please inquire about pricing.


Our work is on display and/or for sale at a few select boutiques around the world (see the Where to Find tab).


If you are interested in custom pieces for your home or business, please Contact Us. We welcome the opportunity to work directly with our clients on any commission to bring your ideas and imagination to fruition.

International shipping is available.

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