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Jungle Pearls


I am excited to unveil my new "Jungle "Pearls" collection. I have been designing and dreaming about this collection for the last 12 years. Living where the Pacific ocean meets the jungles of Mexico, and being surrounded by this much beauty has deeply inspired me... and my work.


Spending countless days walking miles of desolate beaches in search of these rare and beautiful petrified cocos has turned into a labor of love. There were days, sometimes weeks, when I didn't find one... and yet other times I was lucky to find seven to ten during a hike. 

These stunning cocos form a patina the more they are worn, and they become darker, richer and more beautiful over time. Each unique piece is individually hand made with silver (97.5% to 99.9%).


Earrings: $150 USD

Silver Chair Necklaces: $200+ USD

Coco Strand Necklaces: $



International shipping available.
Please allow 4-6 weeks. 

Ojo de Venado


Each piece is made with an Ojo de Venado seed, high quality braided 3-strand brown leather and pure silver (99.9%).


Ojo's are said to protect those who wear them, and in Mexico and other cultures, they are believed to ward off the Mal Ojo (evil eye). The Ojo de Venado is a tropical legume/seed commonly known as a sea bean, velvet bean or hamburger seed, and its name translates to "eye of the deer."


Earrings: $58 USD

Necklace: $48 USD

Bracelet: $38 USD


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